Cold Drinks, Wine & Beers Menu

Cold Drinks

  Breckland Orchard Posh Pop:

  Ginger Beer with Chilli £1.95

  Cloudy Lemonade £1.95

   Strawberry & Rhubarb £1.95

  Elderflower & Pear £1.95

   Orange Juice £1.60  

Sparkling Water 330ml/750ml £1.40/£2.80

Still water 330ml/750ml £1.40/£2.80

Coca Cola / Diet Coca Cola £1.30
Squash (Blackcurrant or Orange) 60p


Red Wine

House: Casa Roca 2011, Chile12% 
A soft dry red wine from the new world
175ml glass/bottle £3.50/£13.00

Vega Piedra Rioja 2009, Spain 12.5%
Great value oak-aged Rioja with an excellent balance of juicy fruits and soft tannins
Bottle £16.50

Branch Creek 2010,Australia  13.5% 
Easy drinking red packed with delicious plum & red berry flavours
Bottle £16.50


 White Wine
House: Casa Roca 2011,Chile 12.5%
A delightful wine bursting with fresh fruity flavours of Gooseberry and citrus fruits 
175ml glass/bottle £3.50/£13.00

Cape Height 2011,South Africa 13% 
Fresh and dry displaying intense floral and zippy citrus aromas.
Bottle £16.50

Monte Clavijo Rioja 2010,Spain 12% 
A soft scent of lemon and peach fruit with a crisp flavour and a subtle hint of fresh white flowers
Bottle £16.50


 Rosѐ Wine
House: Sangiovese Rosѐ,Terre Forti 2011 Italy 12%
This deep rosѐ wine has a floral & fruity bouquet with hints of cherry, produced by Italy’s leading wine Co-operative
175ml glass/bottle £3.50/£13.00


Dessert Wine

Moscatel De Valencia, Spain 15%
Richly sweet, full of grapey and floral flavours with a lemon curd finish, great with fruity desserts
120ml glass £4.95


Late Harvest Sauvignon Concha y Toro, Chile 2008 12%
Full-bodied, ripe sweet wine, a pleasure to drink on its own or to accompany a wide range of desserts including fruit-based ones & cheese cakes
120ml glass/375ml bottle £5.95/£15.95


Chateau Loupiac Gaudiet  Bordeaux, France 2008 13.5%
A bright & fresh tasting wine. Enjoy with traditional puddings
375ml bottle £16.95


Sparkling Wine

Jeio Prosecco NV, Italy 11.5%
Jeio Prosecco has a lovely bright straw-yellow
colour and an abundance of long-lasting fine bubbles
Bottle £20.95


Champagne, Ernest Rapeneau Brut NV, France 11.5%
Nice and dry, lots of  bubbles with a delicate fruity taste
Bottle £29.95


St Peter’s Organic Ale 4.7% -  A highly distinctive light, golden ale
500ml £3.50


St Peter’s Cream Stout 6.5% -  Aromatic, dark chocolate stout
500ml £3.95


San Miguel 5.0% - 275ml Bottle £1.95


Aspall’s Organic Cider 7.0% 500ml Bottle £3.95